Liked on YouTube: Isato Nakagawa – Clarence (Acoustic fingerstyle guitar)

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My cover of Isato Nakagawa’s Clarence.
The tuning is quite low, especialy the Low E that went to B . I’m always playing with 0.12 but I think it would have been better with 0.13. Anyway I hope you’ll enjoy it!

I want to wish everyone a mery Christmas and a great 2010 !!! I’m truly gratefull for all the nice, encouraging words I received the last year! It’s great to see / hear your feedback and it’s an extra motivation to finish up songs that otherwise might stay on the shelf. So thank you all for the support , it’s truly appreciated!!!

Future plans: I hope to finish up my first CD in 2010 and maybe make a book about Open D and related tunings (I’m not sure about that yet…) A friend of mine is working on a new website were you can download the tabs more easily (for free) and I also love to get on Itunes, Facebook and Twitter (When I find out how it works…. I’m a bit lazy in these kind of things)
Of course I keep continue writing own songs, make lessons and arrange other songs.

One last thing; I ended up 3rd place in the Acoustic Glory competition! Thanks a lot to Rob Chappers, Alex and Dom for picking me out! You can check out the other winners here:

So thank you all my Friends!!!!

Cheers Jeroen