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Distance (from “Bedtime Story”) by Satoshi Gogo (伍々慧)

CD “Bedtime story”:



Used guitar is KENJI SUGITA Acoustic Guitars : Carrera SJ
「ギターインスト」というに枠に収まらず、CHAGE and ASKA,佐藤竹善氏(ex.SING LIKE TALKING),南こうせつ氏,等様々なジャンルの著名ミュージシャンとの共演やレコーディング、OAを経験。また、CMやテレビ番組の音楽、企業PVの楽曲制作・演奏も手がける。
2013年には、全世界規模の作曲家のコンペティション、”International Songwriting Competition 2013″でInstrumentalカテゴリのセミファイナリストに選出された。
また、プライベートレーベル”Wonderful Days Music”から初のセルフプロデュースによる2枚目のフルアルバム”Bedtime Story”をリリース(iTunes Store Japan インストカテゴリ最高2位獲得)。新たなキャリアをスタートさせる。

Satoshi Gogo is Japanese guitarist/composer based in Osaka.
Born in 1988. He started playing the guitar at age 12.
In 2004, he won the first prize in four different categories of a “Morris Fingerpicking Contest” at age of 16. ( The most youngest prize winner)
And then released his first solo album.
He experienced recording and co-starring with Japanese famous musicians.
He worked with great musicians like CHAGE and ASKA, Mr.Sato Chikuzen (ex.SING LIKE TALKING), Mr. Minami Kousetsu,etc…
He also performs in TV &radio program , writes songs for TVCM , music production and performance of the company PV.
Tone of the guitar with a strong presence , his effortless performance makes tone and melody which make people imagine different scenes and make various emotions.He has been highly praise by audience and guitar industry.
In 2013 , he was elected to the semi- finalists of the Instrumental category in “International Songwriting Competition 2013” of the composer global scale .
In addition ,released 2nd full album “Bedtime Story” (2 place acquisition in iTunes Store Japan Instrumental category ) by self-produced from private label “Wonderful Days Music”.
He performs as a solo guitarist, as a duo called “Nino and Gogo” and work as a composer based in Japan.