Liked on YouTube: Adam Rafferty – “Every Breath You Take” (Sting / The Police) – Fingerstyle Guitar

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Hey Gang!

I couldn’t resist this one!

And in case you’re thinking…”Adam just did an obvious cover song!”

Well, the story goes deeper than that. This song is actually very important to me…

When this song came out (was it 1983? – that would mean I was 14 years old) I heard it the first time and was absolutely mesmerized.

In fact, I loved it so much that I sat by my AM radio in the kitchen waiting for the radio station to play it a second time.

Yes, there was no YouTube at that time, and the album was not yet available. So – to hear it again, I had to sit & wait by the radio, for real.

Fast forward to 2019…a few nights ago I saw Sting LIVE and he closed the show with this. It was amazing.

I’d always thought this one would be impossible for solo guitar, but magically, the “solution” to playing the melody and accompaniment popped into my mind the following morning after the Sting concert.

The good old subconscious mind must have been at work while I slept!




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