Having Fun

JOHN, what do you do when things stop being fun because you just aren’t getting it?
Whether it’s a song passage, guitar lick, technique, or a piece of fretboard knowledge that you’re stuck on…
…first and foremost, it’s ok.
All along your guitar journey, at different points, you’ll have that, “I’m not getting it” feeling creep in.
Here are three things to do when this dreaded feeling happens:
1.) Keep Breaking It Down – When things are difficult or just not clicking, one of the best tools you can use is to break the part into bite sized chunks. For example, if a lick has you baffled, break it down to two note chunks until it starts to really click. This can be a huge asset to your learning approach with the guitar. In fact, I would dare say it is one of the most important skills to learn.
2.) Switch Directions – If things aren’t jiving with you, stop and turn the other way. If you are hitting a wall with fingerpicking, then try flatpicking. If bluegrass isn’t jiving with you, go the blues route. If barre chords are giving you nightmares, sleep well by doing some open chords. Switching directions often allows you to experience a small winand those are invaluable to feeling progress and creating good vibes around the guitar.
3.) Breaks Are Ok – If you’ve tried everything above, it’s ok to take a break. It is not failure. It is not giving up. It is not being weak. It doesn’t mean that you are giving up the guitar. It simply means that you need a small bit of separation and that is completely ok. Even breaks can result in light bulb moments on the guitar. I know it sounds odd but it is so true. In fact, the occasional break from the guitar can stoke the fire and make you want to play even more.
Remember, this is your guitar journey and as long as you are having fun, you are being successful at your journey.